Moving in the winter time

Moving in the winter time?

If you are in the southern states of the United States and planning a move in the winter time, chances are you wont be affected negatively by the time of year. In fact, you may actually benefit from discounted rates as movers are generally offering discounts in the slow season for moving.

However, if you are in the northern parts of the United States and need to move in the winter time, there are some things you need to keep in mind to be properly prepared for the unpredictable weather patterns in this area.

You may as well benefit from discounted rates from moving companies being that this time of year is very slow in the industry. You must also keep in mind the set backs that may occur for your move this time of the year. We have taken the time to list a few things to be cautious of while planning a move during the winter time.

Some things that may occur during a move in the winter are such as these; if you schedule a move with a moving company on the last day before you are to move out of your residence this may cause an issue. What if it snows a foot? What if there is a tremendous amount of freezing rain? What if there are trees down across the roads and it is not possible for the moving truck to make it to your residence?  These are all things that need to be taken into account before you plan your move because you may be easily put into a bad spot.

If roads are not passable due to inclement weather, moving companies usually reserve the right to postpone or reschedule a move if they feel it may put them in a bad spot due to liability issues.

It is important that customers realize the need to reserve this right because your whole house full of belongings may be in jeopardy if weather conditions are bad.

This may cause set backs then as well for closing on your current home or the new home. It is suggested that you have  back up plan in case this happens.

Other small things to think about when moving in the winter time are such as this; if there is snow or the ground is wet the movers may be tracking in the moisture onto your floor. Most companies offer to put floor protection down but don’t just assume they will. Check into it and make sure you are prepared if they don’t have anything. Also, it will usually be very cold out and your doors will usually need to stay open for hours on end as the movers are bringing things in and out; Adjust your thermostat so that your heat will not be running non stop for hours which would result in a high gas or electric bill.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hopefully this will prepare you some what for you move in the winter time!


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