Local Moving

photo3If you are planning on moving locally in South Central Pennsylvania or northern Maryland areas Sterner’s Moving has you covered. We have a variety of straight trucks that are equipped with dozens of moving blankets and straps. These trucks are generally more easy to use on local moving because they are easy to drive through the local towns, and for getting in your driveways or parking lots instead of using tractor trailers.

Our drivers are drug tested and background cleared as well so you can feel safe knowing your belongings are in good hands. Sterner’s Moving is a state licensed moving company and operates in both Maryland and Pennsylvania on a daily basis for local moving. Generally, local moves are charged on an hourly basis as opposed to long distance moving that is usually charged by weight and miles.

It is also important for consumers to know the difference between INTERSTATE moving and INTRASTATE moving. Interstate moving is when a move is conducted from one state to another. Intrastate moving is moving within one state. The regulations are generally different from state to state on local moves than federal laws that govern moving between states. You can check with your local or state agencies that regulate the moving industry. For Pennsylvania, the PA. Public Utility Commission regulates the household goods industry. It is also a good idea to check to see if your moving company is a member of any of the state associstions for the moving industry. In PA. there is the PMSA or Pa. Moving and Storage Associates. In MD. there is the Maryland Motor Truck Association. You can find a link to both of these associations on our home page of this web site. For the most part, local moves are usually charged on an hourly truck and man hour rate where as long distance or Interstate moves are charged by weight and miles.

Consumers are also advised to check into a companies background when looking for a mover. Read reviews, find out their BBB rating ask for insurance certificates etc. Keep in mind that generally a cheaper rate will likely also mean a lower quality service. Its smart to research the companies you are thinking about hiring and find out what their core values are. If the company is very engaged in being “the cheapest company” this will likely reflect the service you will receive. If a company prides them self on completing a job with as few damages and as few unhappy customers as possible then you will likely see a better end result when your move is completed. As in most aspects of life these days, what you pay for is what you get.

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