Labor Only Moving


Many consumers these days are trying to focus on saving money. That’s why the moving labor sector of our industry is exploding. Sterner’s Moving specialize in having crews on hand to provide consumers  with just the “moving help only” as opposed to a full service move. This will enable you to save while still maintaining the same level of quality of a full service move.

We can send out a 2 man crew and all the way to a 10 man or more if needed.  Typically, moves require only a  2-3 man crew. We cna load/unload your rental truck, PODS, Pack rat, or freight trucks such as ABF, Old Dominion, and Broadway Express. Crews come equipped with hand truck, hand tools, and 4 wheel dolly. Blankets, shrink wrap, and rope available upon request.

Standard ins. rates apply and labor only moves are discounted highly