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MovepicsMay2012 016Which Storage Solution Is Best For You?
Now days a vast majority of Americans have more and more items accumulated than ever before. Eventually, if you are one of these individuals, your current residence may not have enough space to hold all that you own. You will likely then be in search of better storage options as you are quickly running out of space. But which option is the best for you?

There are generally 3 major options when looking to store your items. Below we have listed the 3 options with some details and suggestions about each. Hopefully this will make deciding which option is best for you a little bit easier.

Self Storage Unit.

Self storage facilities are probably the most popular option of all when it comes to storage options. The versatility and easy 24/7 access is highly appealing to a vast majority of consumers. Unlike a moving company’s vault container or open warehouse storage that is usually not readily accessible by the customer a mini storage location is usually fenced in and have individual units with their own doors which customers can place their own personal locks on. The mini storage option is usually the median when it comes to price.

Portable Self Storage

Portable storage containers are actually a fairly new concept and only really emerged in the mid 90’s and over the past 20 years has grown tremendously nationwide as it offers a great option for consumers that are in need of short term storage while they are in the moving process. Rather than move all of the persons items into a moving truck, drive to a mini storage facility, unload then in a week or two come back with the moving truck, load it up again and then drive it to the new location to unload you simply need to load and unload once with a portable storage container. Along with the emersion of portable storage containers, many moving labor companies have also developed. Instead of the consumer having to load and unload their own containers, it is simple to research and find reliable, qualified laborers that will come out to the location you request and load the containers to utilize the maximum amount of space available in the container. Portable containers are also a great option when additional storage space on a site is desired. Such reasons may include remodeling and restoration of residences. Portable storage containers are usually at the high end of the storage options when it comes to price.

Vault Containerized Warehouse Storage

Moving company warehouse storage is usually a fairly economical option when it comes to storage. A large percentage of Americans utilize a moving company to help them with their move in some way. Lots of times, a person that may be buying a new house but also trying to settle and sell their own current home will realize that they may in fact need storage services in the interim while they abandon their current residence in order to sell it and wait until settlement on their new home. In this time, while using a moving company, it is usually to a customer’s benefit to let the moving company handle the entire process, storage included, thus making it less stressful on the person that is actually moving. Moving companies will usually also store large shipments in their warehouse for long distance moves as these moves may take more time in transit from one point to another as the company builds its runs out to be most profitable. And last but not least, this option is usually a great option as it the most hands free storage option there is since the moving companies will usually always send a crew out to pick up your items and delivery them as well.

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